Sodium Saccharin 20-40 mesh is hydrated sodium saccharin, white or colorless fine-grained crystals.
20-40 Mesh saccharin Sodium

20-40 Mesh saccharin Sodium

Product Details

20-40 Mesh Saccharin Sodium

Chemical name: Sodium O-benzoic Sulfimide

Molecular formula: C7H4NO3SNa 2H2O

Molecular Weight: 241.20


20-40 mesh saccharin Sodium is hydrated sodium saccharin, white or colorless fine-grained. 20-40 mesh sodium saccharin as a sweetener, high sweetness without calories, has a huge role in the food industry. This product is also a intermediate raw material for pesticides and other chemical products. The factory has advanced automated production processes, strong supply, capacity and good quality. Welcome your consultation and order.



1. Product Specifications:

Appearance: Colorless transparent crystal
Content: ≥99.0%
Weight Loss on Drying: ≤15%
Arsenic: ≤0.0002%
Lead: ≤0.0002%

2. Packaging

The conventional packing is 25 kg/bag。 Can be customized to meet customer needs。

3. Sample 





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