Insoluble saccharin is an important intermediate, mainly used in the production of pesticide pesticide. In the food industry, it has similar function to that of saccharin sodium.
Insoluble Saccharin

Insoluble Saccharin

Product Details

Insoluble saccharin

Chemical name: O-benzoic Sulfimide

Molecular formula: C7H4NO3S

Molecular Weight: 183.19

Insoluble saccharin (wet) appear as white powder. It is an important intermediate for producing saccharin, pesticides or herbicides. It has similar applications in the food industry to that of sodium saccharin. We use Methyl Anthranilate produced from our own factory to synthesize this product. Reliable quality.

1。 Product Specifications

Appearance: White powder
Content: ≥98%
Water: ≤15%
Melt Range: 226-230 ℃
Ammonium salt: ≤0.05%

2。 Packaging

General packaging of 25 kg/bag. Can be customized to meet customer needs.

3. Sample




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