Insoluble Saccharin or Acid Saccharin Spray Dried is commonly used for pesticides and other agrochemical intermediate; it is also a raw material for methyl 2-sulfamoylbenzoate, which is also a crucial agrochemical intermediate.
Insoluble Saccharin Spray Dried

Insoluble Saccharin Spray Dried

Product Details

Insoluble saccharin (Spray Dried)

Chemical name: O-benzoic Sulfimide

Molecular formula: C7H4NO3S

Molecular Weight: 183.19


Insoluble Saccharin (Spray Dried) appears as white powder. It is a pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediate with also used for food additives. There are limited numbers of plants to produceInsoluble Saccharin with sizable and stable output. This is also a raw material for Methyl 2-sulfamoylbenzoate. It has similar applications in the food industry to saccharin. Send your enquiries today.



1. Product Specifications:

Appearance: White powder
Melt Range:226-230 ℃
Ammonium salt:≤0.05%


2. Packaging

The conventional packing is 25 kg/bag。 Can be customized to meet customer needs。




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